Integral management

At Thinkinpress, we are committed to a fluid, effective process, compliance with delivery deadlines, attention to detail, interaction + feedback in real time and precision.
We have the most powerful creation and management tools. Artworks for the pharmaceutical industry are our forte.

We identify needs, propose solutions and control their effectiveness through a highly prepared team with experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

From the beginning and throughout the process, a Project Manager will be in charge of ensuring an optimized communication flow and task-by-task compliance between all parties involved.

Control. Speed. Efficiency. Centralization.

We use ESKO Share&Approve software, which is a tool that allows us to manage and administer all the complexities in creating Artworks. It is a safe solution that is in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
Annotation and visualization tools allow you to add comments, measure details and dimensions, compare versions and view the history. It provides greater control and advancement in quality assurance.

View and verify


Compare versions

Multiple user access

Analyze, review. Detect. Assess. Transparency and support.

We can collaborate with our clients to identify real needs, propose solutions and ensure they are effective.
We adapt entirely to the needs of our clients.
We adapt entirely to the needs of our clients. We guarantee quick and effective project resolution within the established timing.
We assign a Project Manager to each project to ensure that the process and product reflect and comply with the standards, vision and brand of each client all at the same time.

  • Proximity
  • Security
  • Personal care
  • Constant interaction
  • Trust
  • Focused solution
  • Direct communication